NEW ORLEANS -- It opens with fashion Icon Kendall Jenner in the middle of a photo shoot when a massive crowd of seemingly cheerful protestors pass her by. The super model is moved to take off her wig, joining them, before grabbing a Pepsi and handing it to a police officer followed by cheers of joy.

But that's where the cheers for this Pepsi advertisement end.

A controversial Pepsi ad has been pulled after several critics said that it made light of national issues.

Outrage against the ad was swift and took social media by storm.

“It kind of down played how police can be handled and also how police have handled protests,” said Aaliyah Young. “We've seen that police can handle protests very violently and for her to just give them a Pepsi and make everything seem just downplayed the whole act of protest."

The image of Jenner handing the officer the sugary drink has been widely compared to the iconic photo of a woman named Ieshia Evans being taken away by Baton Rouge Officer's During a protest following the police involved shooting of Alton Sterling.

“This was not a truthful display of what actually happens,” said local artist Brandan “B-Mike” Odums, who was at those same protests. “On all sides of the spectrum I think people can take offense to this. Whether you're a police officer who looks at this and can see the simplification of their
responsibility or you could look at it as a person whose actively out there protesting and look at this as a simplification … there's a whole lot more that needs to happen like that police officer needs to sit with that protester and have a conversation and share ideas. It's not as simple as cracking open a bottle"