PLAQUEMINES PARISH -- If you're not from here, this might seem like a lot of water. That’s what Plauqemines Parish residents told us as they watched the rising tide cover roads.

“Living in the south as usual,” said David Marcote.

"It's is what it is, it's southern Louisiana,” another neighbor said.

Life went on with just a few ripples here and there. It was a day of work and a day for fishing for a community that knows how to prepare for storms like Cindy.

"This is just an inconvenience,” Marcote said. “Today it's a little more than average."

For them, flooding is the price you pay to call this gulf town home.

The waters will recede and the residents will stay, because for them this land is worth fighting for.

By Thursday night, neighbors expect the flood water to recede and life to go back to normal.