NEW ORLEANS – A poll released Thursday is painting a clearer picture of what Jefferson Parish residents feel towards Parish President Mike Yenni.

The University of New Orleans conducted the poll, which shows an overwhelming number of people disagree with Yenni’s actions.

All of this follows Yenni’s admission to a sexting scandal with a 17-year-old boy two years ago.

According to UNO’sresults, 93 percent of the people polled said they’re aware of the scandal, which Eyewitness News exclusively reported two weeks ago. Seventy-nine percent said Yenni should resign from his office. Twelve percent said he should stay, while eight percent said they didn't know.

Yenni has made it clear he will not resign, and triggering an effort to recall him as parish president. Thursday morning the first signature in that recall petition was collected. Meanwhile, a prominent Gretna attorney signed on to lead the Yenni recall effort on the West Bank.

VIDEO: How would the effort to recall Mike Yenni work?

Those signing on to the recall said the sexting scandal is evidence that Yenni is unfit to lead the parish.

“A grown man, talking to a young child like that, doing that is just very inappropriate, especially a public official in office,” said Gregory McKeel, a recall supporter.

Organizers said they need to get about 95,000 signatures to force a recall election.