NEW ORLEANS -- From trash bins stuffed with cardboard boxes, to gift wrapping paper, driving around you'll see the tell-tale signs that Christmas was yesterday.

"Christmas was great, I got everything that I wanted, plenty of gifts," Mitchell Player said, sitting next to a stack of empty shipping boxes. Player lives in Treme, and he's put his boxes out for trash pick up.

"Well, a lot of stuff from Amazon prime, like a princess tent," he added.

From the boxes, we can see someone there also got a wine fridge. And down the street, you'll see boxes for other things like electronics, one box says exactly what it is: "Smart TV."

"So your discarded boxes that you put out the street, basically lets a burglary know what type of property that you received on Christmas," Lt. Brian McGregor with Kenner Police said.

McGregor says there is often a spike in residential burglaries the weeks before Christmas.

"Yes, individuals do drive through the neighborhood, they do take inventory, what you put inside your home and they may come back later."

But he's warning people not to let their guards down after Christmas.

"Crime is low here in Kenner, but like I said, it's not uncommon to see an increase in other areas for burglaries," he said. "You should take your Christmas cardboard to the dump and make sure you removed your address from the cardboard as well."

However, if you can't make it there, he says put the boxes on the bottom of your regular trash.

In addition, he says for big-ticket items, record the serial numbers. It may be the only way authorities can trace it back to you, if it's stolen.

"People need to pack their trash correctly and not expose what they have in their house," Israel Nero, an Uptown resident, said.

Back in New Orleans, empty boxes are still waiting for pick up.

"I think some people come in now there's a larger traffic so I would be careful of what I put out there now," Sandy Hester, who lives in the 7th ward. said.

And authorities say even if an expensive box was just used to wrap a gift, it's still enough to tempt a thief.