ALGIERS- Cars driving down Siene and Texas Drive in Algiers looked like they were playing a road game of dodge ball, driving on the grass to get out their driveways, while swerving and avoiding the cracked brick, broken construction cones and trash inside a massive hole.

"Look at the big ole hole," Algiers resident Villette Hammond said. "You can't go around it hardly."

"If someone hits this hole here, you're talking about a death," Algiers resident Benedict Sonnier said.

Sonnier says people living on this street are fed up and have been complaining to the city for months.

"A garbage truck came and it, some kind of way went into the hole," Sonnier said.

And don't let it rain. Sonnier says it just makes matters worse.

"Everytime the water comes, the cones gets flushed into the hole. So now you got the street and water filled and you don't see the hole anymore," Sonnier said.

On top of that, the hole sits a block away from an elementary school. Hammond fears kids walking by could get hurt.

"They may think it's a pool or something you know. And kids find anything to play with. They don't even know if it's dangerous or not," Hammond said.

"The school buses ride this way. And I'm afraid that the school buses will eventually go into the hole," Sonnier said.

Eyewitness News reached out to City Hall. They tell us the Department of Public Works is scheduled to begin work on the hole this week. Neighbors hope that is true. They say they won't believe it until they see the large, cracked street become smooth, sealed and safe.

"I see tragedy. You know, anything could happen," Hammond said.

The city also says they're currently completing another repair nearby on Texas Drive as well.