NEW ORLEANS - Some residents may lose power during Hurricane Nate. There are some things that can be done before power is lost to save food or to at least keep the food as cool as possible.

Some tips are as follows:

- Change the settings inside the refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting possible.

- Make mini ice packs by filling up containers or bags with water and putting them in the freezer. ( make sure to leave a little bit of room as water expands when it freezes)

- Consolidate all the things in the freezer to create more space

- Fill a water bottle up to the top, put a penny on top and then put it in the freezer. If the power goes out, you can tell how long it takes for the items to melt by looking at where the penny is in the water bottle.

- Make sure to keep your doors closed.

- If the power does go out, put the mini ice packs in the refrigerator in an effort to keep any remaining food inside as cold as possible.