NEW ORLEANS – The principal who was fired after a video showed him wearing rings often associated with white nationalism and Nazism during a protest at the Robert E. Lee monument pushed back against allegations that he is a racist or white supremacist, saying he is proud of his European heritage, but does not believe in “biological supremacy or biological superiority.”

Nicholas Dean made his first public comments since his termination in a YouTube video he posted Sunday that he titled “The Nazi Principal of New Orleans.”

“If I’ve made a mistake in any of this, it’s not that I went to the memorial and had my photograph taken near a Confederate flag. It’s not that I was wearing a skull ring or an iron cross ring,” he said. “That’s not the mistake I made. There’s nothing wrong with those things. The mistake I made was believing multiculturalism, diversity, ethnic pride or heritage applied to me, too. And considering how this whole thing has unfolded, it absolutely does not.”

Dean was fired May 25 as principal of Crescent Leadership Academy, which serves students in seventh through 12th grade who have been expelled from other schools because of behavioral problems, after the questionable video was posted on YouTube.

Days earlier, photographs of him near Confederate flags during a vigil at Lee Circle circulated online, initially leading to his suspension.

Dean previously told The New Orleans Advocate that he was at the vigil the night before the Lee statue was taken down as an observer and that the photos were taken out of context. In his YouTube video, he said a friend who is a “black nationalist” took the pictures and brought them to a local radio station that caters to an African-American audience. He did not specify the radio station.

“They said, ‘Hey, this guy’s a principal of a majority black school. Why don’t we end his career because he’s obviously a racists and white supremacist,’” Dean said. “Things blew up with it, and I got in a lot of hot water.

“So, (I was) pictured near a Confederate flag and then the second time supposedly wearing Nazi jewelry, and that equaled my termination.”

Dean said that while he isn’t a white supremacist, young white people celebrate other ethnicities because “they don’t have an understanding of their own.”

“I do value European symbols and European heritage. Those things are not OK by the left, and it’s not OK in the mainstream media,” he continued, “because if you do that, if you step out of bounds, specifically if you’re white and you claim your own heritage, you’re doing to be called a racist and you’re going to be called a Nazi.”

He said the “progressive left” sends “any dissent ... straight to the gates of Auschwitz,” a reference to the Nazi concentration camp.

The nearly six-minute video concludes with Dean saying there is a “massive global culture war” happening right now, that globalists are “soulless” and “we’re gonna have to stand by our principals.”

“If they get their way, they’re going to have nine billion people in the world that all look the same, that all wear the same clothes, that all buy the same products, that are all connected to the same media. So there’s only two positions: you’re compliant, or you’re dissent.”