Voodoo Music Experience announced the last-minute cancellation of rap performer Kevin Gates during this weekend's music festival in City Park Thursday morning via Twitter.

The tweet read Gates would be unable to perform because of an 'unforeseen incarceration.'

The rapper was accused of kicking a fan at a concert in Lakeland, Florida, and was found guilty earlier this week. The incident happened last year and was captured on video.

A video taken at the concert went viral and led to more than a thousand people petitioning to ban Gates from performing in Florida.

The six women on the jury watched video of Gates kicking the fan, Miranda Dixon. She was 18-years-old at the time.

Click here for video from concert

Gates admits to kicking her, but his lawyer, well-known defense attorney Jose Baez, argued he was defending himself.

“She went out and committed a battery by grabbing him,” Baez said.

Gates wouldn’t answer our questions during the trial. However, he did take the stand. He said he worries about his safety, especially at smaller venues like Rumors Nightclub.

Dixon claims she wasn’t trying to hurt him. She said she tugged on Gates’ shorts to get his attention after a friend, Temerald Harvey, asked her to.

In the video, you can see her do that twice. After the second time, he kicks her. Prosecutors say he went too far.

“He decides to rear back and kick Ms. Dixon in the chest,” Prosecutor Stacie Kaylor said. “He kicks her with such force that she falls into Ms. Redding.”

Dixon has filed a separate civil case against Gates. The outcome of this trial doesn’t affect that case in any way.

Baez tried to use the Stand Your Ground law in a previous hearing, but the judge threw that out. Gates has been sentenced to 180 days in jail.