Puerto Rico is now in the direct path of Hurricane Irma, which has many relatives in the U.S. very worried.

One resident, Melissa Rosa, has been glued to weather reports for the past few days.

“We've been calling and texting since yesterday ‘cause they weren't expecting it to be as bad as it looks now,” Rosa said.

Rosa was born in Puerto Rico and currently runs a baking company in LaPlace.

"I remember going through a lot of hurricanes when I was there," Rosa said.

She says none of the hurricanes she experienced may be as bad as Irma. Since news of the hurricane, Rosa has been talking with many of her relatives in Puerto Rico.

"Right now the supermarkets are empty,” Rosa said.

Rosa joins thousands along the Gulf who have family and friends on the island, who says this could be a huge disaster.

"So we're in the western part of Puerto Rico in a town called Maricao,” Jim Gillis, owner of Puerto Rico Coffee Company, said.

Gillis was born in the capital city, San Juan. He runs his coffee company on a farm on the western side of the island.

"There's a bit of hysteria going on to be honest with you,” Gillis said.

He is warning his friends and workers to hide in shelters on the farm and he worries that the aftermath could put everyone out of work for some time.

"What's going to happen is the wind is probably going to destroy the entire harvest,” Gillis said.

Some people like Rene Perez said now is the time to begin praying for those who will be affected.

"There is going to be a lot of disaster in Puerto Rico and I pray for Puerto Rico,” Perez said.

In the meantime, Rosa said she is convincing her relatives in Puerto Rico to fly out.

"So, if the whole island gets destroyed and everything gets destroyed, you're stuck there, and the airport, there's just no flights coming out. I mean there's nothing you can do,” Rosa said.