BATON ROUGE -- Residents in a Baton Rouge neighborhood are looking for answers after finding their mail tossed in a dumpster according to our partners at WBRZ.

Seven Oaks resident Timothy Joyce almost got his lights turned off last month.

"They almost, well they kind of threatened to turn it off, but eventually they didn't. We always pay our bill on time," he said.

The reason why?

"I didn't get my energy bill last month, I wonder if that's what's in that dumpster."

The dumpster Joyce is talking about is one that contained a full bin of undelivered mail.

Some letters contained bank statements, bills and other important information. The mail was discovered by the Goodwood Property Owners Association's former president.

He said he was instructed not to talk to the media by post office officials after he took the mail bin to them. He has since removed the photos he posted online.

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