NEW ORLEANS- Grade C. That is what HousingNOLA says the city is getting this year for affordable housing.

"Actually I think it should be a C-," New Orleans resident Carey Lee said.

Lee says it is tough for people trying to rent or buy a home in Orleans Parish.

"About 10 years ago, it was okay. And you were getting what you paid for. If you were getting low rent, that's what type of property you had. If you had expensive rent, that's what type of property you had. Now, it's like, it's just ridiculous," Lee said.

HousingNOLA tells Eyewitness News the city's grade dropped from a 'B' last year.

"We haven't been able to create more housing. We haven't been able to pass the policies this community said that they wanted when we started this historic plan three years ago," Andreanecia Morris, Executive Director of HousingNOLA said.

Saturday afternoon HousingNOLA held a panel discussion about the report, revealing why the city's barely passing. They also said the city of New Orleans should be spending more money to create affordable housing.

"43 percent of likely voters said they have trouble making ends meet every month to help pay their housing costs. This is not an issue we can ignore any longer," Morris said.

Carrollton resident Betty DiMarco says her neighbors worry about keeping their homes.

Willie L. Calhoun says the high costs are pushing many longtime New Orleanians out.

"When you add gentrification because property is really cheap here, as compared to New York and California. So people that has money can come here and buy property as they would say dirt cheap," Calhoun said.

"The cost burden that we have, the number of renters who are paying more than 50 percent of their income towards cost burden, that's 35 percent of renters, that's not sustainable," Morris said.

The Landrieu administration says they're investing $1 billion for major public housing developments.

In 2016, the city launched "Housing for Resilient New Orleans Plan," a five-year strategy plan to increase affordable housing in New Orleans.