BATON ROUGE -- Tony, the tiger housed for 17 years as a roadside attraction at the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, was put down Monday morning due to health issues.

According to our partners at The Advocate, Tony was euthenized on Oct. 16 due to kidney failure. A necropsy will be done by veterinarians to learn more about Tony's death.

The truck stop's owner, Michael Sandlin, told The Advocate that the decision was "draining and emotional."

"We were hoping he would rebound, but he didn't," Sandlin said during a telephone interview Tuesday morning. "He was an old man. You wish they could live forever, but of course, I wouldn't want him to suffer."

Sandlin told The Advocate that he plans to have Tony stuffed and mounted for display in the truck stop restaurant and will attempt to get another tiger through legal action.

Tony came to the Tiger Truck Stop in 2001 at just six months old.

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