NEW ORLEANS -- There is another unfortunate sign of the times in the Central City neighborhood of New Orleans.

A fresh pile a debris litters the side of the road, right outside the E.C. Colley warehouse near Erato and Clio streets. The illegal dumping was caught on video by the warehouse’s surveillance cameras.

Warehouse manager Dale Foret called the continuing problem very frustrating.

“They come out here yesterday about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, just pull up here and they dump stuff out, fill the street up and just take off like it’s nothing,” Foret said. “It’s a lack of respect.”

The video shows three men jumping out of a black pick-up truck and dumping household debris, including an old mattress, right in the middle of the road.

Foret had to get on a fork lift to move the pile, so trucks trying to get his warehouse could reach the loading dock.

Brandon Ducre with J.E.B Lumber had a tough time making it through the gauntlet of garbage.

“I can bust a tire open, mess up an axle, hurt myself coming down here, hit something maybe or if they pour it in the road then I can’t even use the road at all,” Ducre said.

The men in the black pick-up are just the latest to litter this area.

Last month, men in a red pick-up were also caught on camera, dumping building materials and old flooring in the 2900 block of Clio.

“We complained about it before,” Foret said. “You all came out here to broadcast. They still have yet to come clean this up. We have another big pile of trash that’s been here maybe two months now.”

Now, there is more debris to haul away.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” Ducre said. “I think it’s an eyesore when we come down the street. It shouldn’t be there in the first place.”

Foret is once again encouraging the city to do something about the illegal dumping.

“People live down the street,” Foret said. “This is their neighborhood. Let them go dump in their own neighborhood, if they want to trash it.”

A City Hall spokesperson told Eyewitness News today was the first time they heard about the illegal dumping. Now that its on their radar, the spokesperson said, a team will be sent out to look into clearning up the street.

District B Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell, who represents the area, released the following statement about the illegal dumping:

“This is incredibly frustrating. You have a dedicated local business, E.C. Colley Warehouse Corporation, and residents who are being affected by this illegal dumping. The warehouse has cameras recording the dumping, which is a criminal offense, and they have alerted the authorities. The previous dumping has not been cleaned up, and now there’s even more dumping at the site. Our residents are engaged and we should be listening to them and taking action, not allowing this situation to worsen.”