NEW ORLEANS - One New Orleans resident just bought a one-way ticket out of town after recent violence hit too close to home. While some agree it’s time to leave the city, others say the violence inspires them to stay and fight to make New Orleans better.

Trisha Burns has lived in New Orleans 17 years. She doesn’t want to stay here a day longer.

"I’m done,” Burns said, “I’m out. It's time to go."

For Burns, she's seen too many friends have close calls.

"Tuesday morning my friend was walking down Frenchman, 8 in the morning when he was stabbed when he wouldn’t give up 20 bucks,” Burns said. “Saturday I had some friends Uptown who were chilling in the backyard when two of them got shot."

She doesn't want to be next so Burns bought a plane ticket out of town.

"I've been thinking about it for a while but after this week? Two friends? That sealed the deal,” Burns said.

Elaine Looney with the Broadmoor Improvement Association sees things a little differently.

"By staying you can learn about all the ways you get to be active in changing the city for good,” Looney said.

Like everyone, Looney is heartbroken by the violence but it motivates her to make a difference. She's encouraging others to channel their fear or sadness into something positive.

"I challenge them to rise to the occasion and be the change they wish to see in New Orleans because everybody has the capacity, a gift, a talent, a passion that could help our community grow and change and build,” Looney said.

Through her organization, Looney provides counseling, mentoring and life skills to those in need to improve quality of life and curb violence.

While Burn's time in New Orleans is ending, Looney is just getting started.

"I'll be here for forever,” Looney said. “This is my forever home and I love it and I hope in some capacity I'll be able to serve it as it served me."

If you’d like to volunteer for the Broadmoor Improvement Association, you use some of the services they offer you can learn more here: