NEW ORLEANS, La.- From Mid-City to Gentilly, Monday's heavy rains and large pockets of water left motorists, homeowners and businesses fed up.

"I looked out and saw the water gushing out and I said, 'Uh oh!' It's the beginning fo the rainfall," David Donze said.

Battling the flu, David Donze, who lives on Orleans Avenue had to rush outside to move his car. It's the third time within three months he has had to do this, now he's fed up.

"I just thought at least after the August 5th incident that things would happen to change. I knew it wasn't going to be prepared overnight, but, it should not have happened that way. It should not have gotten to that point," Donze said.

Donze's neighbor Kelly Love-Jones typically cleans the front of her catch basin whenever it gets clogged, but it wasn't enough to stop Monday's water from rising.

"The water came up to about the first step of my house. And uh, I saw some cars get stuck and people trying to push their cars out of the water," Love Jones said.

Paul Rainwater with the Sewerage and Water Board says things are improving within the department.

In a press conference, Rainwater announced that 107 out of 120 pumps are working. He also says three out of six turbines are functioning.

Still, the department faced some setbacks as two pumps are down at pump station number 3 in the 7th ward. Also, a frequency changer at pump station 17 in the 8th ward went down.

"Frequency changer, pump 17 went down. But we were able to put it on a generator. And so pump station 17 was operational the entire time," Rainwater said.

Despite that, Rainwater wants residents to know they are making progress.

"The reality is the water levels have gone down. If you look at the canals, I just got a report looking at things, they look very normal right now. So, we'll be ready for the next rain event when it happens," Rainwater said.

That's not enough for these Orleans Parish residents, who say progress is not happening fast enough.

"I'm just hoping the incidents will prove to the city, prove to Sewerage and Water Board they need to expedite things as much as they can," Donze said.

"I think we've had multiple wake up calls. And I think it's necessary to take heed. Or else we're going to be underwater," Orelans Avenue resident Lakeba Sherman said.