NEW ORLEANS -- Drive through the Lower 9th Ward and you'll catch a small glimpse of development post Katrina.

The New Sanchez Center and Martin Luther King Jr. High School are two new buildings. Many people also like to catch lunch at Cafe Dauphine.

It is progress, but that growth is not coming fast enough for Reverend Willie Calhoun.

"The Lower 9th Ward has really not gotten its fair share of economic development," Calhoun said.

Calhoun feels the lack of development is hindering his neighborhood from prospering, while other areas are booming.

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"When you leave this area and you hit north of Claiborne, you going to still see that's a devastated area. We still have overgrown lots. We still have a lot going on back there that really needs to be addressed," Calhoun said.

This fall, 64 names are on the ballot in Orleans Parish. From Mayor to City Council, it's a race where problems like public safety and job opportunities are sure to take center stage.

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Lakeview resident Mark Hughes says he is worried about the crumbling roads in his neighborhood.

"It's never getting any calls back or never seeing any results. You don't see anything get done with this past administration," Hughes said.

With 18 candidates running for mayor and another 33 looking to fill the seven seats in city council, those living in the city hope the men and women seeking office put their concerns first.

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