NEW ORLEANS- Sitting underneath the sun on her front steps in Treme, 74-year-old Gloria Trotter-Oliver remembers a completely different scene on August 5th.

"When I came to the door, the water was up high. So, I immediately called my husband and said, 'Joseph, the water has risen! Get your car. Get your car," Oliver said. "It got all the way up, almost to the third step."

Oliver says her entire block between St.Ann and Dumaine got pounded by rain and water. At one point, Oliver feared she would get trapped in her home. Knowing the city's pumps still need repairs frustrates her. Especially with Tropical Wave Harvey brewing in the Gulf of Mexico.

"I am very concerned, cause if the pumps are not working and when just the rain came down, I don't know what will happen," Oliver said.

"We can see some rain bands either Thursday and Friday," WWL-TV Chief Meteorologist Carl Arredondo said. "But by the weekend, especially Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, we may be dealing with a threat of heavy rain as the system moves towards Louisiana."

Depending on what the updated models reveal, heavy rain from Harvey could potentially affect the Greater New Orleans Area.

"We're monitoring that and the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP), they're setting up their crisis action team tomorrow," Governor John Bel Edwards said.

Governor Edwards and New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu touched on Harvey briefly during a news conference in Baton Rouge on Tuesday.

"Given the weather systems, we'll watch them very, very closely. We have an entire team of people just being prepared and leaning forward in the event that we need it, but I want to reiterate, there's no reason to panic," Mayor Landrieu said.

"Watching is alright. But give me something to satisfy me! If this water should be coming this way, don't just say you're watching it. Tell me what steps we will take," Oliver said.

With hurricane season reaching its peak, officials say now is the time to have an emergency plan in place.
After what happened just a few weeks ago, Oliver expects more from her city and state government.

"Warn me in time. That's all I want you to do. Don't just sit and talk about it. Talking don't help me. Action helps me!" Oliver said.