VIDOR – The roads in Houston have taken a beating from Hurricane Harvey and some streets in surrounding areas like Vidor, located near Beaumont, are also completely flooded.

Most people who live in Vidor have been walking because they do not want to risk losing their cars. Heavy downpours made one neighborhood near Courtland and Denver Street a lake.

"There's fish jumping up in my yard,” resident Stephanie Joshlin said.

Joshlin said she bought her home a month ago and was shocked when she woke up on Sunday to find more than a foot of water in her yard.

"I looked into the flood zones, that was the number one thing because of my insurance right? I'm at the highest part of the flood zone,” Joshlin said.

Joshlin’s neighbors say they are used to moderate street flooding, but nothing like what they experienced from Hurricane Harvey.

"It looks like we have a couple more inches, probably about 5 or 6 more inches,” one neighbor said.

"We're worried because my dad is blind, he's got no legs, we don't have no cars so that's kind of a big with him,” another neighbor Jimmy Adcock said.

Adcock said that if his family does evacuate, they would have to call an ambulance to get his father out and that is if crews can make it through.

With more rain in the forecast, some are beginning to feel like the worse has yet to pass. Others say all they can do is stock up on basic supplies and food and make sure they have an exit plan.

“We're like, okay, the major things is the cat, the computer, the car, let's go,” Joshlin said.