ALGIERS, La. -- On Thursday, the Algiers community held a meeting for people to share their thoughts about an unusual increase in crime on the West Bank.

“We have never in my entire life experienced this amount of crime in our area," said resident Leslie Ellison.

Worry is high in Algiers.

“This is a close-knit community and to see some of the things happening is breaking our hearts," said Ellison.

Residents said the area is seeing a scary amount of crime.

“It’s been unusual," said resident Stephen Mosgrove.

In addition to an increase in burglaries and carjackings, 13 people have been hurt by gunfire. Five have been shot and killed, the most recent happening in a KFC parking lot. Police are also still investigating the unsolved murder of a Dominos Pizza delivery driver.

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“We’re just not used to a whole lot of crime like that and it hits home when its close to the neighborhood it scares you," said resident Dwight Harris.

“Some of it is senseless, a lot of it is just to get a dime," said Ellison.

Residents say enough is enough.

“This isn’t a neighborhood or an area that will tolerate it," said Mosgrove.

Which is why a community discussion was held Thursday aimed at targeting the issue.

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“What I would like to see happen tonight is some strategies," said Ellison.

In front of a full gymnasium, officials focused on recent incidents.

"We've had seven vehicle burglaries this year where guns were taken out of the vehicles," said Ceasar Ruffin, NOPD 4th District Commander. "Only one of those vehicle burglaries was a smashed window.”

Also offering suggestions on what people can do to be part of the solution.

“Lock your doors, cameras are great, lights are great or if you have garages use them," Ruffin said.

When it comes to helping lower crime in Algiers, an immediate answer may not be clear.

"I don’t have a solution but I’m all ears," said Harris.

However, some said the meeting started a conversation, which made them hopeful that finding one can be achieved.

“I think a lot of residents of Algiers feel that way," said Mosgrove. "I think they believe if the resources are provided, if there’s an understanding there’s an issue and that authorities provide and tackle the issue it can be solved. I'm optimistic and I expect good things to happen."

Algiers is considered a target area for the city's new Public Safety Plan that was released in January. At the meeting, NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison said they're planning on installing ten crime cameras in different neighborhoods there. Harrison also says three fixed, and two moveable license plate readers will also be installed in the near future.