NEW ORLEANS – Anyone living or partying in New Orleans can tell say easily what they love or want to do in the city.

While many people have different views of the Crescent City, they also have different opinions about the Senate’s tax reform legislation recently passed.

“It's going to be interesting to see what it does for the middle-class people,” one resident said.

"If corporations are going to use that money to help Americans that's great, but I don't believe that. I don't believe anything they're saying and that breaks my heart," another resident said.

Leaders also have different opinions about the legislation. Those in support, like Senator John Kennedy, say the tax reform will help the middle class.

“It's a solid bill, for folks on the individual personal income tax side. We've doubled the standard deduction, we doubled the child tax credit,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy says the bill lowers tax rates, which he says will help taxpayers keep more of their money. He says the bill repealed the Affordable Care Act mandate which fined people for not getting insurance.

Senator Bill Cassidy also voted in favor of the bill, the passage. He declined a request to be interviewed by Eyewitness News on Saturday. However, in a statement released on Saturday he said, “The tax cuts and job act includes nearly $100 million for continuing coastal restoration.”

However, others feel this tax reform only benefits the corporations and the wealthy.

"What this is a direct transfer of wealth from working people to the very wealthy and most powerful people in corporations in our society. That is what it's going to do in a nutshell, and it's going to add at least one and half trillion dollars to our debt over the next ten years, to pay for these tax cuts mostly for the richest corporations," Jan Moller of the Louisiana Budget Project, said.