NEW ORLEANS – Those who work or live in the Mid-City area surrounding the Jefferson Davis monument said protesters are creating a distraction, and it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

Protesters have been camped out near the monuments for two weeks.

"I understand their rights to come and protest, however, it's disturbing everyday life in the neighborhood," resident Eric Gabourel said.

Gabourel and his young daughter go on bike rides together five days a week. Since the protesters moved in, the activity has become stressful.

"I have to come into the street now, into the flow of traffic, whereas I could be using the bike path but it's closed because we have folks protesting every single day they're camping out here," Gabourel said.

Others worry about traffic accidents.

"I think it's a huge distraction,” Daniel Eames said. “There have been more accidents than normal in the inner section."

Police said there has only been one accident near the Jefferson Davis monument, however, WWL-TV has witnessed two accidents within the last week.

Finally, people paying bills complain they now have to weave between protesters to make payments.

"It's a disruption, people are coming to take care of business at Entergy and they're demonstrating,” Brother Moore said. “(The protest) should not be there."

Entergy released the following statement:

"The company is monitoring the situation, and so far, protesters have remained on public property. We will take appropriate steps to keep our employees and customers safe in the event conditions warrant us doing so."

Residents know they can't stop the protesters, so now, all they can do is wait.