While many in New Orleans get frustrated with the state of the roads, some neighbors in the Irish Channel have learned how to turn potholes into patios.

Rick Veana spent months dealing with a large pothole on Third Street. Back in July, an 18-wheeler got stuck in the hole for five hours. Since then, the city filled in the hole with gravel, set up a repair sign and left. Annoyed with the saga, Veana jokingly put two lawn chairs in the dirt square.

"It's pretty ridiculous," Veana said about his creation. "It's also pretty ridiculous that this road cut has been here this long."

What Veana didn't realize when he put the chairs there, is that his idea would grow into a whole outdoor living room.

"Everyone started adding stuff," Veana said. "People started putting books on the book shelf, Carol brought over some snacks for us."

Other neighbors have been busy thinking of more things to add.

"I've got some mirrors, we could extend the vertical features, open up the space, maybe add a throw rug," Crosby Sandoval suggested.

One item at a time, the pothole patio came together.

"It went from ridiculous to absurd," Veana said.

Neighbors say it's the ability to find humor out of frustration that makes the city so special.

"I think it's awesome, it's why I love New Orleans," Sarah Waggener said.

Neighbors say the gravel cutout in the road has been there for months, but it's only been a few days since Third Street turned the hole into a home.

"It's the definition of making margaritas out of lemons," Veana said.