LAKEVIEW – Homeowners in Lakeview are outraged over a sinkhole that is slowly spreading on to their property.

At the intersection of Brooks and Memphis in Lakeview, it appears like a typical neighborhood with beautiful homes, but residents don’t have to look too hard to find Sewerage and Water Board cones in a massive sinkhole in the sidewalk. Robert LaFleur has owned the home at the intersection since 2012 and says the problem stems from when the city made the sidewalk ADA compliant, making it wheelchair accessible.

LaFleur said there were some issues with the sidewalk repair.

"We noticed some subsidence below the corner of the sidewalk and assumed they would fix it,” LaFleur said.

He says the sinkhole is slowly growing onto his property and grew bigger about six months ago.

"We have a 13-foot-diameter sinkhole,” LaFleur said.

He says the sinkhole is about 6 to 8 feet deep. He is concerned that it could potentially cause an accident.

“This is definitely a hazard. The compromise of the oak tree, the compromise of the utility pole are all imminent," he said.

LaFleur said he emailed and called the city, but has not gotten a response on the cause of the sinkhole.

“They haven't specified a problem, whether it's a drainage issue or sewage issue. They haven't given us any details whatsoever," he said.

In the meantime, he is hoping that something will be done soon before another rainstorm hits, potentially making the hole larger.

“We're just hoping it gets fixed. We're just hoping,” he said.

The city says an abandoned drain line and manhole are causing the sinkholes. They say the repairs will cost $30,000 and the Department of Public Works has contacted a contractor about it. There is no word on when the repairs will begin but the city says they will take 45 days to complete.