The photos and videos coming out of Puerto Rico show widespread destruction after Hurricane Maria made landfall. Louisiana residents with family still on the island are watching these images with shock.

What's worse is they cannot make contact with their family in Puerto Rico.

Melissa Rosa's family was spared two weeks ago when Hurricane Irma just missed Puerto Rico. This time around they weren't as lucky.

"One of our family members lost their house and we haven't heard anything else. Communication is down," Rosa said.

All Rosa can do now is watch the news come in.

"The images. It's like a horror story," Rosa said. "You feel useless. You want to do so much for them and you're feeling safe while they're going through all that," Rosa said. "You feel guilt."

Local business owner Jim Gillis is waiting for news as well.

"Irma was nothing compared to what this one is doing, going through Puerto Rico," Gillis said. "It's showing no mercy."

Gillis was born on the island and returned as an adult to start his own business, Puerto Rico Coffee Company.

"We have a really good working coffee farm. I would presume until this storm," Gillis said.

While his coffee crop is now most likely wiped out, Gillis is keeping things in perspective.

"I was here for Katrina and I've lost everything," Gillis said. "It's only stuff."

As for Rosa, she's waiting to hear from her family and wishing there was more she could do to help.

"You just wish you could scoop them up and bring them here and make them safe," Rosa said.

Officials in Puerto Rico say entire towns will have to be rebuilt.