NEW ORLEANS -- On Good Friday, a farm which plays home to kale and strawberries next to Ye Olde College Inn on South Carrollton also hosted The Stations of the Cross.

"It's just part of the whole journey that we're on and I feel so excited to see so many people here," Deborah Blancher an attendee said.

About 70 people attended the outdoor event, which tells the story of Jesus' crucifixion.

"We've been doing this for quite a few years and it's great to get out here family shows up and friends," Myra Blancher who attended said.

Johnny Blancher who made a name for himself as rock and Bowl's Owner before buying College Inn and opening the neighboring farm -- started The Way of the Cross 7 years ago.

It's held on land he bought that Hurricane Katrina devastated.

"We ended up with this swath of land that I got tired of cutting grass on, I wanted to do something significant, something that was great for the neighborhood," Johnny Blancher

Blancher said the first year exactly 12 people showed up and ever since then the event has grown each year.

"It was like it was meant to be, you follow what you think your gut is telling you what you think God wants you to do and you hope he tells you what is right," he said.

Blancher said hopefully people will leave with a reminder of a person who died for our sins.

"We of course acknowledge the sacrifice Jesus made, but I'm also touched by the sacrifice of his mother, cause I can't even imagine," Maureen Brennan McConnell, an attendee said.