NEW ORLEANS, La. - Saints spirit was felt all across New Orleans. However, more so at some of the places that were hit hard by flooding in August by heavy rain. Staff though say, that incident wasn't going to stop them from bouncing back.

Restaurants and bars across town were bustling Monday night.

"It's probably going to be really packed in the next 30 minutes," said Christian Carazo, a customer at Parlay's.

Customers were hungry for delicious food like burgers and charbroiled oysters.

"We actually didn't think we'd be this busy, but we're very busy," said Angel Price, a bartender at Neyow's Creole Cuisine.

However the special on everyone's menu? The Saints.

"This is a great place to watch the game," said Parlay's customer, Daniel Bigelow. "Cool bartenders, cool atmosphere, fun people."

"Hopefully we do really well tonight," said Sarah Ferguson, a server at Lakeview Burgers and Seafood. "Last year wasn't a good thing, so hoping our defense will get up there a little bit."

"We've been looking forward to this opening game for a long time," said Areme Marks. "It was kind of odd it was on a Monday, but it doesn't matter. We're ready whatever day. We'll be here."

With tables full and bars lined with jerseys, it was hard to think that about a month ago places like Neyow's, Parlay's, and Lakeview Burgers and Seafood were filled with water.

"We got flooding maybe like two or three feet" said Price. "When you walked in the door and the outside patio all the tables were flipped upside down."

"If it would've been a few more inches higher, we probably would've been out a little longer," said Ferguson. "We're just waiting on our baseboards to get fixed and just a little cosmetic stuff."

The situation was unfortunate.

"We close at 7 pm, but there were a lot of people stranded here until like 1 o'clock," said Price. "We couldn't get out."

People though knew they'd be back.

"I think they re-opened a couple days after the flood so I don't think it put a damper at all," said Bigelow.

So as their customers root for a win, staff at these restaurants say they've already won because with a community like New Orleans behind them, no matter what happens, these places are here to stay.

"Even when we flooded that day, we had people trying to come in and order," said Ferguson. "So it's not going to stop people from coming in and eating."

"We weren't expecting that, no massive rain like that," said Price. "That's okay though, we bounce back."

Sandbags are still placed outside several of these businesses, just in case something like what happened August 5th, happens again.