NEW ORLEANS, La. - A lot of people in the restaurant business woke up to news about the boil advisory on Wednesday and while not ideal, they say it's something they've dealt with before.

"It makes it a bit more difficult to get things done," said Mahoney's Assistant Manager, Brooke Butler. "But it's one of the things you deal with living in New Orleans."

With a boil water advisory in effect first-thing Wednesday, restaurant employees knew it'd be an interesting day.

"My first thoughts were to get with my general managers and tell them what to expect," said Dad Dog Director of Operations, Henry Sauviac.

"When I woke up I got a text from my GM asking me to bring ice into work," said Butler.

However they say they just went with the flow.

"We do have a protocol because it happens often enough we know what to do and we know about how much water we need to keep in stock," said Butler.

"Of course we're a Vegan restaurant and we wash a ton of veggies all day long," said Seed front of house Manager, Daniel Thelen. "And so if we didn't have everything prepped we wouldn't be able to serve the veggies. But luckily that wasn't the case. When I got in, we first decided if we can stay open and consider the safety of our customers and the food and we realized we had enough food already prepped and clean to serve."

Some places were forced to close their doors, however others like Mahoney's, Dat Dog and Seed all stayed open making a few adjustments along the way.

"It's not as much of a challenge as it would seem as long as you take the proper precautions," said Sauviac. "We boiled water, we purchased ice, we purchased package drinks," said Sauviac. "No tea, no coffee, and no soft drinks."

"We were busy, customers were happy, few of them double checked if the water was safe and we told them it's bottled water," said Thelen.

"We spent a good portion of the day cleaning out the ice machine and various things," said Butler. "We have to worry about the water, bar dishes so we can't have any glasses out there so we're doing to-go cups for beverages."

By the afternoon, things got even more interesting in parts of Uptown when a thunderstorm moved over the area.

"We had a power outage at our Magazine store," said Sauviac.

The power quickly returned, however with the Water Advisory still in effect, hope that it'd be quickly lifted washed away. And with no word on how long it could last, many say they're taking it one day at a time.

"We hope this situation gets figured out because it's not something we want to deal with on a normal basis," said Thelen.