NEW ORLEANS – The Saints extended their lead over the rest of the NFC South with a nail-biting win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

The team had a little extra mojo in the Superdome thanks to all the Saints fans celebrating Halloween in costume.

The team had their normal Saints superfans and then they have fans just dressing up for fun.

“I love how people get creative and use their minds and get I am very impressed with a lot of their costumes,” fan Joe Rohaley said.

One fan, Danielle Rodriguez, woke up early to create her costume.

“I dressed up as sailor Saint for all the home games, and I just decided gore it up a little,” Rodriguez said.

She said it took her four hours to get in full makeup and costume. She said it made cheering a little rough, won’t stop her from cheering on her team.

“It's really hard to talk,” Rodriguez said.

Saints fan Mary Pommier dressed up too.

“I felt like I needed to dress up, so I decided to be a cat! That's what I had,” Pommier said.

Saints fan Willie Chess said that he is always a Saints Ninja Turtle. He says Halloween is always his favorite regular season game because of all the fun the fans bring to the game.

“It's already a party so adding costumes on top is just adding more energy,” Chess said.

More energy that helps Saints’ faithful fans cheer on their team.