NEW ORLEANS - After thousands of residents in the metro New Orleans area reported Cox home internet outages Friday, some residents received bogus flyers asking for money to restore service.

Crews are still trying to determine what caused the widespread outages that impacted the New Orleans area for hours.

Some residents reported receiving flyers on their doors saying that their Cox service was scheduled for outside disconnection due to delinquency.

“If I do not hear back, account will be disconnected, so please contact me and I will still help you,” the flyer said.

The flyer asks residents to contact “Robert, area manager Cox Communications.”

Eyewitness News contacted the number listed on the flyer and spoke to man who claimed to be a contractor with Cox. When we asked for Robert’s last name, he hung up.

Cox confirmed Friday afternoon that the flyers are not real communications from the company. Cox issued the following statement to WWLTV:

“We do not post this kind of flyer on a customer’s door. Our collection policies dictate multiple phone calls to the customer’s phone number of record and collection notices sent through the mail. If a customer has any questions, our automated voice response unit is available 24x7 to confirm a customer’s balance and any disconnect status, or they can call one of our account services agents. We do not post notices on our costumers’ doors. We value their privacy and our relationships with them.”