NEW ORLEANS -- Monday police combed the Gentilly neighborhood where a mother and her children were shot still looking for answers.

At the home where the unthinkable happened, neighbors are adding to a growing memorial and getting ready for a vigil in honor of the family.

"I'm gonna go down there and do some praying, say my own prayer," said neighbor Stanley Berniard. “No shooting is good but it's a lot harder to take when it's kids."

At the children's school, Samuel Green Charter School, teachers are grieving the loss while also trying to explain it to their students.

"K-2 (grades) they were reading books about death and it allowed them to say great things about their classmates," said Dominique Harris, First Line Schools director of communications. "The middle schools will be discussing the news together around lunch time, they're going to be talking about healthy coping mechanisms they can use to move forward as a class, as a grade and as a school."

Grief counselors will be available for faculty and students all week.

"The counselors that were delivering the services were delivering the services in the classroom were able to determine which students would benefit from one-on-one services," Harris said.

Friends and supporters of the family said all they can do is grieve and wait for answers.

A vigil is planned outside of the home in the 4200 block of Touro Street at 6 p.m.