NEW ORLEANS -- Frank Scurlock won’t bow out of the mayor’s race, despite an embarrassing claim last week about an alleged lewd-conduct incident during an Uber ride earlier this year in California.

A Santa Monica, California, Police Department spokesman said Scurlock was allegedly caught masturbating by a driver taking him to a hotel in West Hollywood on Feb. 10.

Scurlock last week said the allegations are “without merit” but told WWL-TV he would “evaluate” his campaign going forward.

On Tuesday, though, he said his campaign is “still on” and that he looks forward to his day in court.

Scurlock is due for his arraignment on Oct. 16 -- two days after the mayoral primaries.

Officials in Santa Monica said charges were not filed until Aug. 31 since there were questions about who would prosecute the case since the Uber ride spanned multiple jurisdictions. The ride began in Santa Monica and was supposed to end about 12 miles away at Scurlock’s hotel in West Hollywood.

Scurlock said made it a point to note that he was never arrested on the misdemeanor lewd conduct charge.

Santa Monica Lt. Saul Rodriguez added that Scurlock was not issued a ticket or summons since he walked away from the Uber once the driver pulled over and that the driver later identified him through a photo lineup.

Scurlock would have to register as a sex offender in California if found guilty of the lewd conduct charge. It wasn’t immediately clear if he also would have to register in Louisiana.

Scurlock, who is also known for his skywriting over the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival each year, said he expects to be “vindicated” in court.