NEW ORLEANS- It's something all drivers in the state are required to have: Brake tag stickers.

But one Northwest Louisiana Representative wants to get rid of the inspection stickers.

" I understand that it keeps people safe on the road, but I'm all for getting rid of it," Kenner resident Brittany Baranyai said.

Baranyai sees the stickers as more of a nuisance than anything else.

"Kenner is very strict on their laws. I remember I had a tail light out, and it you could still. see it, but was like a little cracked. And he was like 'Ohhh...I don't know if I could give you a break tag. So I guess the laws on it are really strict."

Right now, penalties for expired brake tags range depending on your parish, however, if a driver is pulled over for an outdated tag, violators could pay hundreds. Representative Larry Bagley filed House Bill 597. His plan would get rid of brake tags for most drivers and only require commerical and student transportation vehicles to get one.

Joe Natal, who works for David Drive Brake Tags in Metairie says having the inspections stickers is a safety matter.

"We actually drive the car around the parking lot to check your brakes, speedometer, odometer, ABS light, check engine light and seat belt," Natal said.

Natal says those few minutes could save a life.

"People ask me, 'Why do you pop the hood!?' To make sure you're not driving down the interstate and your hood blows open and causes an accident and kills people," Natal said.

It's that problem Natal hopes lawmakers keep in mind when they vote.

"The safe part comes in when they come to get the inspection to make sure everything works. All the stick is, is to prove that they did it," Natal said.

There's no word on when lawmakers will vote on the bill.