Since resources have been slow to reach Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, one local high school is taking it upon themselves to send supplies.

Students at Pope John Paul II High School collected things that are used everyday that are now gone on the island. However, getting them to Puerto Rico is still a challenge.

From basic items like body care supplies, to bathroom supplies, cleaning supplies, to the critically needed, each item has been boxed up to go to the island to make a difference.

“We can get there but coming out of there, that’s what we’re waiting on,” Dr. Marie Mahoney said.

Dr. Mahoney has found a plane to take her to the island but there won’t be enough fuel to leave. Once that is secured, Dr. Mahoney will take the donations herself to Puerto Rico to treat those in need the most.

"The patients need help now," Dr. Mahoney said.

Dr. Mahoney’s daughter and her friends are helping to gather supplies. The school has been collecting items for the last few days since Dr. Mahoney made the decision to go.

"This is where she grew up. Her heart is in this land and in this island. So I completely trust her with it. I feel like she can help with her being a doctor,” Ashley Mahoney, Dr. Mahoney’s daughter, said.

Some of the items are even going to Dr. Mahoney’s family members.

“I just heard my father’s voice for the first time today,” Dr. Mahoney said.

Mahoney wants to get there, but time is running out.

“The doctors there lost a lot too and their families, so everybody is overwhelmed,” Dr. Mahoney said.

Eyewitness News will provide an update to this story after Dr. Mahoney completes her trip to Puerto Rico.