Hurricane Irma is making its way through Florida. While many prepared for the storm, some did not.

Beth Wilson, a seventh generation Floridian who lives in St. Petersburg, west of Tampa, knows how strong Mother Nature can be.

“From the beginning, I've been preparing for worse case scenario, especially after Harvey hit Houston, I just had a bad feeling about this one and as early as Tuesday I went to Walmart,” Wilson said.

She quickly bought supplies to ride out the storm. The reason she stayed is because her home is newer and is up on higher elevation and can withstand hurricane force winds.

"It's a newer build. It was built with in the last ten years, and also we didn't know where to go and where to evacuate because the path kept shifting,” Wilson said.

Others decided to stay because they thought the storm would pass on the eastern side of the state.

“There was a lot panic, a lot of neighbors putting boards up on their windows. I'm standing there the only guy without boards trying to make a decision on whether to stay or to go,” resident Craig Fulton said.

Craig Fulton ultimately made the decision to leave his wooden home in Clearwater and evacuate to a more sturdy home in Palm Harbor with his parents.

"I'm surrounded by a lot of oak trees, and I do have a wood frame home. I just thought storm winds up to 135 miles an hour wasn't going to be safe,” Fulton said.

As Irma makes her way through Florida, people are less worried about valuables and more concerned about safety.

"I woke up this morning and thought about nothing but my family and care less about my things. Just got the heck out there and I really don’t care about what happens to it at this point,” Fulton said.