NEW ORLEANS -- Not much of a chance that we'll see snow on the Southshore, but officials are making preparations for the cold weather forecast.

Officials in New Orleans have already activated their freeze plan due to the low temps. That means shelters will be open to anyone seeking refuge through Dec. 9 and road crews will be ready to clean up slick spots.

"Weather conditions are changing," Bailiegh Rebowe, St. John the Baptist Parish Communications Director said.

The possibility of snow is now greater near River Parishes. St. John Parish officials are now standing by for the forecasted wintry mix.

"We're prepared, we're hoping we don't get a lot but we do have our sand and salt on standby," Rebowe said.

And with the precautions, the excitement is building to see some snowflakes. Eyewitness News talked with shoppers as they braced for the cold weather ahead.

"Eight years ago I seen snow here, my parents forced me to go to school," Wayne Matt, a shopper.

Felicia Scholle is prepping by making sure to have enough hot food.

"My husband is making hot chicken andouille gumbo," Scholle said.

She remembers eight years ago too.

"I didn't have kids at that time, they've never seen snow," Scholle recalled.

This week, her kids might get a chance to play in the white stuff.

All public and Catholic schools in St. John Parish will be closed. St. James Parish public schools will also be closed.

Officials are reminding everyone to be extra careful tomorrow morning, where roads are expected to be slippery.

Down the street, Mark Pfister says his heater is already running.

"I love the winter, I'm glad to have it back," Pfister said.

He and his family say they are ready for snow if it does come down, but back at the store, St. John Parish student Jocelyn Aguilar is containing her excitement.

"If I do see snow, I have to make a snowman," she said with a smile.

Officials will also be checking in on the vulnerable and elderly, but encourage residents to do so as well during the next few days.