NEW ORLEANS – Monday was a beautiful day on Lake Pontchartrain, but a tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Meixco is expected to change weather conditions overnight.

Jefferson Parish Director of Emergency Preparedness Joe Valiente said the parish spent Monday morning pumping down local drainage canals and removing debris to make room for potential heavy rains.

Valiente is urging residents not to take this weather system for granted.

“Especially for Grande Isle and Lafitte, any low lying areas that are outside of the levee protection system, they have to pay attention and monitor this system very carefully today and tomorrow,” Valiente said.

St. Bernard Parish President Guy McGinnis issued the same warning.

The East Bank Flood Protection Authority is already closing the barge gate at the Lake Borgne surge barrier. Chief Administrative Officer Derek Boese says the Authority is prepared to close sea wall gates as well if the tides get too high.

“We are checking the entire hurricane system,” Boese said. “We’ve increased our inspections of the entire area. For the levee lifts that are going on in the east Jefferson lakefront, we’ve secured those sites and we’re working with our contractors to seal those levees so there are not issues.”