KENNER -- Four days after his arrest on charges of Driving While Intoxicated and Reckless Driving, St. Charles Parish President Larry Cochran continues to refuse to offer any explanation for his behavior.

Police in Kenner stopped Cochran on Cabernet Drive, near the entrance of the Chateau Estates Lakefront subdivision.

"About 12:30 Saturday morning, we received a phone call from a concerned citizen who was following behind a Chevy Tahoe that was swerving, not maintaining its lane," Kenner Police Department spokesman Lt. Brian McGregor said.

According to arrest documents, the witness told police that the vehicle driven by Cochran crossed the center line multiple times and she feared the SUV could end up in the canal along Joe Yenni Boulevard.

The police report goes on to state that the arresting officer, "observed Cochran's eyes to be red and glassy" and that his "speech was delayed."

The officer also noted that she was "immediately overwhelmed with the odor of an unknown cologne or perfume that emanated from Cochran's person and observed that Cochran appeared to be sucking on a circular white candy or mint with a hole in the center."

While Cochran failed multiple field sobriety tests, a breath test he agreed to take, did not find any alcohol in his system.

"We went ahead and did a blood search warrant and those tests are pending at the state police crime lab," McGregor said. "Ultimately the blood results will say whether he was impaired or not."

Members of the St. Charles Parish Council have not made any statements about President Cochran's arrest. But, one council member told WWL-TV, if Cochran was arrested for Driving Under The Influence, he wants to know under the influence of what. He added that if it was something illegal, the council would likely take some action -- everything from taking away his parish vehicle to asking for his resignation.

According to the police report, Cochran stated that he was the President of St. Charles Parish and asked officers "Is there anything y'all can do for me ... my secretary lives right there and she can drive me home."

Despite the late hour, Cochran explained that he was dropping papers off at his secretary's house.

Cochran also reportedly told an officer after his arrest, "Well, I guess this means I should fill out my resignation papers ... man, I should have stayed home."

Multiple calls to Cochran's attorney Wiley Beevers, were not returned.

Cochran was released from the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center due to prison overcrowding.

He is due in court to answer the charges on Dec. 4.

According to a St. Charles Parish spokesman, Cochran remains on the job and for now, he is not driving his parish vehicle.

Read the full police report below: