LAPLACE, La. - Areas of Louisiana saw significant rainfall from Monday morning's severe weather. Reports indicated St. John the Baptist Parish received 2-3 inches of rain in LaPlace and about 4 inches in Reserve.

People who live in the parish said flooding is now a major concern. Larry Stephens, a homeowner in Reserve,  said flooding into his home has been a problem for over a decade. He claims his bedroom and bathroom normally get water inside, as well as his garage which holds his prized possession.

"1930 Model-A hot rod Ford and a $30,000 car is sitting in six inches of water underneath. It's just depressing, you know," Stephens said.

Stephens lives alone and said he has to wait for the flood waters to recede or use his personal vacuum to get the water out. Another homeowner nearby in Mount Airy faces the same problem and claims there is a drainage issue and that parish leaders are dragging their feet to get projects complete.

"We have to get something done, it's going to continue to happen. Mother Nature is going to do what she has to do,"  Jamie Rousell, who lives in Mount Airy, said.

Meanwhile, parish leaders said they are working to address the drainage problem because they said Reserve and Mount Airy are known to flood.

Parish President Natalie Robottom said there are several drainage projects underway including those to improve flooding in Mount Airy and Reserve at a cost of about $4,000,000.

Robottom said that's why they had crews out this morning to make sure people's home were safe during the severe weather.

"We do want them to know that we do have people out during these events, but they're out there and will continue to be out," Robottom said.

To help address the flooding issues, parish leaders said there is a meeting Monday night to talk about a tax that would go for flood and levee protection at Edgard Courthouse on LA-18 at 6 p.m.