LAPLACE- Outside of the Bullock's home you will be greeted with a festive site. Christmas lights and snowmen line the yard, and a mailbox where kids looking to write Santa can send him their Christmas wish list.

"I've seen you ask for some wonderful new things," Angel Bullock said.

Bullock started this "Letter to Santa" box this year.

"I've seen a lot of blogs like, 'Where can we write Santa. Where can we write Santa.' So I was gonna do it for my grandkids," Bullock said.

Pretty soon she expanded it, allowing kids in the neighborhood to write in as well. Within a few days she replies back to them with a letter and certificate.

"We have 45 letters so far. And it ends on the 23rd," Bullock said.

With this joy, however, comes a bit of concern.

"The concern part was my husband is a sex offender," Bullock said.

Angel's husband, Myron Bullock is a sex offender. On the sex offender's registry he is listed as a Tier 1 sex offender, convicted in 2000 for carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

"And if people know what that means, he was not with a child. He was with someone his own age. He was 18 the girl was 16. It was his girlfriend. My husband is 40 something now. You can see we own houses, we own cars. He has a life," Bullock said.

According to the Louisiana State Police's website, Tier 1 is the lower Tier out of 3. The highest Tier is the most widely known, with offenses ranging from forcible rape to aggravated kidnapping.

Eyewitness News spoke with St. John the Baptist Sheriff Mike Tregre. He says he looked into the matter and according to him, everything the couple is doing is lawful.

"As far as we know, the letters have been...being dropped off to his wife," Sheriff Tregre said.

Tregre says his department spoke with the Bullocks about the complaint.

"We brought him, husband and wife to our office and explained to both of them, his conditions. Him being a registered sex offender. They both understood he cannot wear a uniform or a costume and he cannot give out any kind of candy to children and that he's suppose to stay completely out of this program," Sheriff Tregre said.

Sheriff Tregre also made the Attorney General's Office aware.

"And we were advised that this was allowable as long as he was not directly involved," Sheriff Tregre said.

Bullock says she just wants to bring joy and cheer to kids this holiday. She understands some people may be wary, but hopes their positive vibes overshadow the negativity.

" I just feel like, everybody has a past and you just gotta move forward and what we're doing and what we've been doing in the community with the can drive and this..and I've done others things that should show who we are now," Bullock said.

Sheriff Tregre says they regularly do checks on Bullock, but says he's never violated the laws and has always complied with them.