NEW ORLEANS -- It seems everywhere you turn, there is a report about another creepy clown sighting.

In St. John Parish, it's scaring the children.

Caron Taplette is in the fourth grade and said the scary looking clowns are becoming a big topic of conversation for many of his classmates.

"They'll take the fun away from trick or treating," Taplette said.

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"I wasn't scared because I know that they're just people dressed up, and it's not real anyway," Taplette said.

St. John Parish Sheriff Mike Tregre said the pranks are getting out of control.

"We've had two calls of clown sightings," Sheriff Tregre said. "Of course, when we got there we didn't find anyone, and it's time-consuming. We don't take it lightly."

Uptown Costume and Dancewear has seen an uptick in spooky clown purchases.

"I didn't really put it together until somebody mentioned it to me the other day," Store Manager Mary Chase said.

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Chase said she is all for people having a good time on Halloween, but to please keep it fun.

"By all means, go for the scary Halloween costumes. We love it. We love that kind of stuff. There's a reason we carry it, but don't hurt anybody," Chase said.

Sheriff Tregre said Halloween and Mardi Gras are the only days citizens are legally allowed to wear a mask, and this Halloween, he suggests choosing a different costume.

"We ask you to try something traditional, Batman, Robin or somebody like that. If we catch you with a mask on outside of the days allowed by law, you will be charged. You will be arrested," Sheriff Tregre said.