BATON ROUGE, La. – Louisiana’s Attorney General, Jeff Landry, will begin the state investigation into Alton Sterling’s death after the Department of Justice announced they will not file federal charges against the two officers involved.

According to a statement from Landry’s office, the Attorney General “has not been privy” to any investigative materials created and collected by the DOJ in their investigation yet. Now that the DOJ’s investigation has ended, the state’s can begin.

“This matter now needs to be investigated for possible state criminal violations,” Landry’s statement reads. “In order to ensure this matter is investigated by the agency with the most expertise in officer-involved shootings – I have directed the USDOJ to securely forward their investigative materials to the Louisiana State Police (LSP) to conduct the state investigation. And I have assigned a prosecutor from the Louisiana Department of Justice to assist.”

State Police have a team of investigators that examine officer-involved shootings for Sheriff’s Offices and Police Departments across Louisiana.

“It is important for the public to know that this matter will be handled by the most professional and proficient law enforcement use of force team in Louisiana,” Landry said. “Once LSP and our assigned prosecutor have reviewed the materials generated by the federal government’s civil rights investigation and have conducted any further investigation necessary – my office will meet with them to review their findings, evaluate the evidence, and make the appropriate prosecutorial decision.”

The Attorney General’s Office said they would speak further on the investigation until it is complete.

“A thorough and complete investigation could take a considerable amount of time; as such, we ask for patience from the public and the press,” Landry said.