NEW ORLEANS -- Streets without street lights; it's a common problem some neighbors in St. Roch and St. Claude are complaining about.

Many of them said the lack of lights can only increase crime on their blocks.

"Without the porch lights, yeah it's pitch black," St. Claude resident Chris Lloyd said.

Since moving to the area a year ago, Lloyd keeps his guard up after sunset.

"Without the lighting, it doesn't discourage any of the activity around here," Lloyd said. "In the last several weeks, you've had people coming around, checking like car doors and stuff. Trying to look into people's windows."

Residents said they are not only worried about crime. Outside ST. Claude resident Sean Watson's home, he blames the poorly lit streets for several traffic accidents.

"We just had a couple of accidents cause people couldn't see the stop sign right there," Watson said.

Those living in the area also said it is frustrating, especially when they notice development and well-lit areas nearby.

"It's like you see what's happening on St. Claude where you have the development of the street cars and they talk about sending the street car here but if you go to any of the blocks that run parallel to it or even perpendicular there's no interest in extending lights," Lloyd said.

Until something is done about it, Lloyd and his neighbors are relying on each other, something he said they shouldn't have to do.

"It shouldn't just be a citizen, generated set. It should be something where we have the government actually sitting down and being responsive to us," Lloyd said.

Eyewitness News reached out to city officials about the concerns and are waiting to hear back.

If you would like to report a street light outage in your area, please call the city's public works department at (504) 658-8000.