MANDEVILLE -- A man suspected of getting into a woman's home through an open window and raping her for several hours during the weekend has been arrested.

The Mandeville Police Department announced late Monday that leads brought detectives to a home in Lacombe where they found the suspect. They did not immediately identify him since he had not yet been booked, Chief Gerald Sticker said.

"A combination of solid police work and overwhelming community support and participation has brought us to this point and we will continue nonstop until this case is concluded." Sticker said.

Shortly after 3:30 p.m. Monday, Mandeville Police released "confirmed photos" of the suspect. Police said the images were captured at the Cracker Barrel Store located at 1948 Florida Street the morning of the rape.

Police said the victim told investigators she never saw her assailant before but he might have stalked her on social media. Police said the victim told them that the assailant seemed to be familiar with her and referenced her social media posts.

The suspect took the woman's ID with him and made threats toward her before leaving.