NEW ORLEANS -- The Sewerage and Water Board issued a new capacity report this morning. The city is now down to 10 pumps not in working order.

Eyewitness News spoke with Public Works Interim Director Dani Galloway on Sunday during a community catch basin cleaning event near Lake Forest Boulevard in New Orleans East.

"That's kind of the front door into the city's draining system," Galloway said.

The department is in charge of keeping that front door, wide open.

"We've cleaned over 8,700 catch basins," Galloway said.

That's the total so far from the start of this year. As for pump repairs, the latest from the Sewerage and Water Board is that 10 pumps are still broken. That makes 110 of 120 pumps working.

"If we can prevent those from getting into the catch basins in the first place, it'll definitely alleviate some of the floodings and get the water out."

However, Galloway underscored the importance of keeping catch basins clear of debris before they lead to bigger problems down the drain.

In addition to the catch basins being clear, Galloway says since October 9th when an emergency repair program began, 257 basins have also been repaired.