NEW ORLEANS -- An unhappy Sewerage and Water Board customer in Lakeview got the response she was looking for after turning to Eyewitness News for help.

Stephanie Labarriere and her mom, Connie Ney, are breathing easy after their pool, which was mistakenly turned brown, is back to being clear.

"It's a big relief to see it clean now," Ney said. "It's not mud."

"It's my pool again," Labarriere said. "I'm not concerned and I'm not worried."

About a week ago, a Sewerage and Water Board crew working on a pipe in a back alley inadvertently dumped muddy water into the pool. Ney, who had just come home from running errands, noticed what was happening and says she notified the crews of the problem. She says they diverted the brown water elsewhere, and left without fixing it.

"There was not one bit of concern from those workers that were working back there," Ney said. "All they were doing was was their job and they didn't care one way or the other."

After Labarriere came to Eyewitness News for help, the family says the Sewerage and Water Board took action and said the department would cover repair costs.

"The following morning they called by 7:15," Labarriere said.

"Oh, the supervisor who came out couldn't have been any nicer," Ney said. "She said I'm sorry and to get in touch with your maintenance man. Let him come and let him repair it and we'll take care of it."

The Sewerage and Water Board sent Eyewitness News a statement regarding the situation via e-mail saying:

"Sewerage & Water Board staff works hard every day to perform maintenance and repairs on water, sewer, and drain lines while mitigating damage to private property. When we learned of the problem, our Risk Management Department responded quickly and worked closely with the customer toward a quick resolution. This is the type of efficient customer service we are working hard to deliver."

As for Labarriere and her mom, they're now preparing for Thanksgiving with one less item on their plate.

"I was both extremely impressed and extremely happy," Labarriere said.

And are giving the Sewerage and Water Board kudos for fixing their error.

"It was a mistake," Labarriere said. "We know it wasn't done intentionally and now they're willing to come out and do what they can do to repair the damage."