METAIRIE, La. -- A teen who claimed he was robbed outside of Lakeside Shopping Center and later shot at by the robbers was issued a misdemeanor summons after investigators said he lied about the alleged crime.

Jacoby Davis, 17, of LaPlace, told detectives that on July 1 he was robbed by several men as he walked through a parking garage at the mall. He said the men then fled in a Dodge Charger that was driven by a woman and that he followed the car and was shot at by one of the robbers a few blocks away.

But as detectives began to investigate Davis’ claims, he began to change his story, said Col. John Fortunato, a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

Crime-scene investigators found several spent .45-caliber casings on Athania Parkway where Davis said the shooting happened, and they saw a number of bullet holes in his car. He was not injured.

Davis’ story began to change when he gave a statement to detectives called to that scene.

Fortunato said Davis told them he came upon a group of men in the garage who were playing a betting game and was forced to play.

On Wednesday when detectives called Davis in for a follow-up interview, he told them he found men in the garage playing a game that included a board with three bottle caps on it, one of which hid a bag of weed.

Davis said he decided on his own to join in the game and a few minutes later said he no longer wanted to play. Davis claimed one of the men then took the money in his hand and ran away.

After noting that Davis refuted the claims he first made and refused to answer any other questions, detectives issued him a summons for criminal mischief-false reporting and gambling in public.