NEW ORLEANS – After being contacted from a viewer about her air conditioning unit at her apartment being out for months, Eyewitness News went to a New Orleans East complex where residents say there are even bigger problems.

Wayne Gardner says he has had issues with his air conditioning unit in his apartment at Peace Lake Towers since he moved in about a year and a half ago.

“Luke warm air coming out when it's supposed to be cold,” Gardner said.

He isn’t the only one.

“Miserable coming home and no air,” resident Leonard Sherman said.

Residents at the apartment complex say some air conditioning units have been out for months while others barely work and some units only work sometimes. Some are even forced to leave their doors cracked, buy fans and keep windows open with no screens.

“The mold started one little spot now look at it, look there, it's growing,” Gardner said.

An office employee told Eyewitness News to leave the building and would not answer questions about the maintenance requests.

Residents say they just want answers.

“If you go downstairs they don't do anything. You can go downstairs and lodge all the complaints you want, they don't do anything,” Gardner said.

Multifamily Management manages Peace Lake Towers. An employee at the management company says it is addressing all issues that have been reported and that tenants need to notify them of issues so they can address them immediately.