METAIRIE, La. - There was quite a mess on I-10 east Tuesday. Several buckets of nails spilled onto the road, closing down at least three lanes of traffic and frustrating drivers.

It was a scene nobody was expecting.

"There was no way to avoid it," said driver, Alexis Tamplain.

Nails, thousands of them had spilled all over I-10 east near the 610 split, after not being properly secured in a truck.

"I saw people slowing down and didn't realize what was going on," said Shafer Mendoza. "I saw a whole bunch of sparkly things in the road."

"It looked like gold glitter across the Interstate," said Tamplain.

Crews closed off several lanes of traffic for hours. However, for many drivers the damage had already been done.

"Some people didn't realize it and started barreling by," described Mendoza. "So that's kicking up nails everywhere."

"From where I was looking, all five lanes were covered," said Tamplain. "And with traffic doing the 60mph speed limit, there was no way to get to a lane it wasn't in. We ended up going to Firestone and they found 10 nails in the back two tires."

As workers swept the nails off the Interstate, drivers like Mendoza, worked on replacing their tires. Mendoza went to Tim's Quality Car Care in Metairie who assured him they'd take care of it.

"You can just imagine all four tires having nails and two having to get replaced, I don't know what to do," he said. "The guys over here, they're being super friendly and they understand what's going on."

Even though the Interstate is open, nails still line the road. Many though also wondering how something like this could've happened.

"I feel the truck should've made sure his nails were secure and not going to fall out," said Tamplain. "When they did fall out he should've noticed it."

State Troopers say the driver responsible was cited for not properly securing the nails. They also say nails are considered a 'road hazard' and for drivers to call and explain the situation to their insurance company, making sure to take a lot of pictures and save receipts as proof.