NEW ORLEANS -- Local singer Alexandra Scott is the latest musician to have her instruments stolen in the past month, but this won't silence her music.

For years Scott has been singing about her home here, in New Orleans, but as she reflects about what has happened, she doesn't feel as comfortable as she used to.

"My Gretsch -- my avocado green Gretsch -- is an instrument which anyone who has ever seen it just goes 'ooooo' about it, it's so special," she said fondly.

That Gretsch guitar added deep warm sounds to her music, and it's not easy to replace an instrument like that.

"The thought of it in the hands of people who don't know how important it hurts," Scott said.

And it hurts even more because the thieves who broke into her home Tuesday afternoon actually took three guitars.

Scott recalls when she came home to find that her bathroom windows had been removed.

They took my shovel and bashed out the frame of the window," she said.

Scott filed a police report, but she doesn't think she'll ever get anything back.

"If I never see it again, I just hope it goes to somebody who will love it."

Scott, who lives in the Holy Cross neighborhood, said she isn't surprised that her house was broken into or that her instruments were targeted.

Her guitars might have been worth a couple of thousand dollars, but to her they were priceless. Yet somehow, the burglars overlooked one item.

"It's amazing that they left my Guild, which is my acoustic guitar," Scott said.

That Guild guitar actually survived the floods of Hurricane Katrina to come into her hands. And looking back, she finds motivation in fellow musician Peter Holsapple who lost nearly everything in the storm, except a Guild, just like hers.

"When I feel sorry for myself, I just think everything he made happens with only one guitar," she said.

Scott and her fiance, who lives in the same home, remain shaken, but they believe thanks to an outpouring of support they once again feel at home.

A fan has set up a Gofundme page for Scott. If you want to help, click here.