Thousands showed up at the 27th annual Feed the Multitudes event hosted every 4th of July by Victory Fellowship Church.

Senior Pastor Frank Bailey said their success is simply based on a prophetic revelation revealed to the congregation years ago.

“People began to recognize that their problems were minuscule compared to ... alcoholics, drug addiction, or prostitution or living on the streets or living in a housing development without a job,” Bailey said. “It changed our whole perspective as a church.”

As a service to the low-income or homeless, the church provided free food. They offered barbecue chicken, hot dogs, jambalaya, red beans and rice and more.

More than 600 free pairs of shoes were distributed once they participated in the feet-washing ritual as a sign of humility.

Members also pampered their guests with free haircuts and manicures. A pastor from Wisconsin said he’s volunteered since 003 and that the even is just as reward for him as it is for those receiving.

“Everybody wins. The people, they get all the great food and fun and all of that,” said Wes Slawson. So even though it's really hot for us, we're here and we're going to continue to do so. We love it”

Bailey said he prays that lives will be changed for the better after experiencing the gathering.

“That's what we want to see happen, just a spark of hope, just one touch, just give someone hope again,” he said. “Maybe their life can turn around.”